• TrainMaster is RailTerm’s robust and flexible rail traffic control software.

Rail Traffic Control Software Systems

TrainMaster is RailTerm’s robust and flexible rail traffic control software. This custom Windows™ based software integrates a variety of features that are applicable to freight railroads, passenger/commuter lines and Light Rail Transit (LRT) properties.

Common to all TrainMaster systems:

  • Real-time online graphic displays, event-log reports and playback information for non-dispatch users
  • Diverse communication options between the control office and wayside equipment
  • Digital authorities – transmission of authorities to hand-held devices to minimize radio traffic
  • Proximity warning and authority adherence monitoring with GPS equipped vehicles
  • Design and configuration tools for easy modification of displays
  • Off-site backup of operating databases at RailTerm’s facilities in Canada or USA
  • Multiple language support: English and French available for all interfaces and forms
  • Automatic Route Setting (ARS) and stacking of routes

For Freight and Commuter Railroads:

  • Seamless Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), dark territory/Occupancy Control System (OCS) and yard control integration within a multi-user interface with real-time graphic displays
  • Simultaneous display of multiple track topologies, trainsheets, subdivisions, railroads and user profiles
  • Multiple railway operating rule sets (CROR, GCOR) and customized form/rule tailoring services
  • Integrated General Bulletin Orders (GBO), Tabular General Bulletin Order (TGBO) and Daily Operating Bulletins (DOB)

For Subway and Light Rail Transit applications:

  • Real-time trackline display showing train locations and IDs
  • Integration with SCADA systems to monitor traction power status, intrusion alarms and wayside equipment status
  • Interface to Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and crew scheduling applications for train locations and arrival times

Are you looking for a flexible and scalable rail traffic control software?