• RailTerm is the largest and most technologically advanced third-party railroad dispatcher in North America.

Rail Traffic Control

RailTerm provides third-party rail traffic control services for more than 60 clients in the United States and Canada including freight, intercity, commuter and transit operators. Our services are focused on maintaining safe operations, traffic priorities and on-time performance.

Reliable and efficient railroad dispatch services

RailTerm does not own an operating railway and every single RailTerm customer is our number one priority. We monitor and benchmark improvement in our average inbound communication response time (“wait time”) and other important KPI’s on a yearly volume of over 320,000 inbound communications.

RailTerm’s clients benefit from:

  • Safe, efficient and reliable rail traffic control service from the first day of start-up
  • The absolute respect of hours of service (HOS) resulting in uninterrupted train operations on a 24/7/365 basis
  • 24/7 executive management oversight for all rail traffic control, safety, rule and regulatory issues
  • Seasoned Class 1, commuter and light rail systems experienced railway managers who understand all facets of railway operations and emergency situations, able to react to any development in field operations
  • Regulatory documentation creation (rules, special instructions, timetables, bulletins, etc.) and regulatory support on a 24/7 basis
  • Robust cybersecure communications and IT infrastructure

The best customizable and scalable railroad dispatch software on the market

RailTerm is a leader in the development and implementation of advanced computer-based dispatch systems (CROR, GCOR or other). RailTerm’s TrainMaster software is in service on railways across the globe, both CTC and dark territory.


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