• RailTerm designs advanced signal, SCADA and communications solutions, including complex digital technology, from wayside systems to rail traffic control offices.

Railway Control and Monitoring Systems

Today’s passenger and freight railways incorporate systems that have generally been introduced over time and involve a patchwork of subsystems and interfaces. It is a major challenge for these railways to renew and replace their legacy railroad systems in an efficient manner without disrupting regular train service operations. We know their strategy of transitioning to their new digital railroad system by combining it to their legacy system is the most complex endeavourOur systems team is focused on this challenge.

Expert in railway system design and support including:

  • Railroad signals and communications engineering
  • Railroad signals and communications back-office analysis and support
  • Railway systems integration
  • Technically complex or atypical applications
  • Turnkey Rail Traffic Control and SCADA systems
  • Construction management, commissioning and support

Railway engineering services for a wide range of rail systems

  • Rail Traffic Control software
  • SCADA software and hardware
  • Energy management systems
  • Closed-circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Passenger information software
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Wayside signal systems

Comprehensive railway communications solutions

  • Propagation studies, detailed design
  • Procurement, construction, maintenance
  • Radio frequency, fibre-optic, copper and leased line data networks
  • Vital and non-vital communication backbone networks
  • Radio IP and conventional voice systems

RailTerm also offers the railway industry’s most scalable rail traffic control software.

Do you need help in migrating to the advanced systems and methods?

RailTerm brings years of experience with both the legacy and the current signal and communication technologies.