• RailTerm is an experienced, safety-focused leader in the maintenance of rail infrastructure.

Railway Maintenance

RailTerm provides infrastructure maintenance services for track, signals and railway bridges, as well as for electrification and railway communication systems, that are required to meet the safety and on-time performance requirements of intercity, commuter and light rail transit (LRT) passenger services on a 24/7/365 basis.

RailTerm’s experienced railway managers and specialists offer unmatched expertise to provide clients with:

  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance
  • Management of major rehabilitation and repair projects
  • Execution of projects that involve P3 contract structures
  • Long-term maintenance and lifecycle scope responsibilities for light rail systems including traction power and overhead contact systems

We are ISO certified and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

RailTerm Maintenance Services’ COR certification also demonstrates our commitment to health and safety.

Experts to address the maintenance-of-way key challenges with you:

  • Managing short maintenance windows
  • Dealing with harsh weather conditions
  • Coordinating efficiently with other railway service providers and key third parties
  • Minimizing service delays and risk of public inconvenience

Are you looking for a team of experts to proactively and safely address your railway maintenance challenges?